You come across AUWEKO litter and recycling bins absolutely everywhere these days.

It all started over 25 years ago with the idea of developing collection systems for recyclable materials for interior and exterior use, bringing together good design, functionality and robust materials. We also wanted the systems to include integrated information surfaces allowing municipal authorities and operators of public facilities or buildings to deliver messages. These surfaces are also useful as advertising spaces, the income from which can quickly be fed into paying back the investment in the system.

Today, AUWEKO offers a wide range of products ranging from the recyclable waste separation system to the smokers' post. From the wall-mounted container to the fixed floor-standing module. From systems with fire or vandalism protection.


You come across these systems in airports, stations, shopping centres, exhibition centres, banks, company offices, chain stores, on the street or in stadiums. Inside and out. All over the world.


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