AUWEKO litter and recycling bins combine form and function.

It's obvious: if you go chasing after design awards, then function usually suffers. If you concentrate only on function, then the integration of the product into the visual environment often comes up short. This is why we have always made it our job to give recycling systems a physical form which fits just as harmoniously into modern architecture or urban spaces as it does into the visual language of a grand railway station from 1888.


When developing our products, we work closely with experts from the fields of waste management, logistics and fire safety, amongst others, in order to be able to develop and realise our response to all the demands of efficient handling, safety and financial viability in a consistent manner.

And we keep our eyes and ears open around the world to make sure that we are receptive to new trends and prepared to meet individual customer requirements.


In the production of our litter and recycling bins, AUWEKO uses only high-quality materials suited to the unit and the place in which it will be deployed. 1.4301/1.4016 stainless steel (B.S. 304 S 15/430 S 17), galvanised or powder coated steel plate, colour coated steel plate in thicknesses from 1.25 to 6 mm. Perfect for areas in which the decisive criteria are functionality and robust construction. Without having to forego distinctive styling. Our high-quality stainless steel litter and recycling bins are particularly resistant to weathering and vandalism. They are easy to empty and to care for using standard, non-acid cleaning products.



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