These bins just won't stand for any abuse.

This new generation of litter bins offers some heavy duty advantages: their particularly robust interiors and wall thickness of 2.0–3.0 mm mean that they are extremely well protected against vandalism. KENDO floor-standing or wall-mounted bins are almost 50 % heavier than comparable containers from our capital series.


An innovative sealed coating on the surface which is oven-hardened at 200 degrees, makes it difficult for dirt to get a hold. Graffiti – even using permanent markers – can be easily wiped away without the need for harsh cleaning products. Unwanted stickers can be easily removed. It's easy to see why we have called this technology "Wipe, and it's gone". Altogether these features mean that the high-quality appearance of KENDO litter bins can be maintained for many years, meaning significant savings in cleaning and maintenance costs. As well as convincing Deutsche Bahn AG (the German railway operator) in a Europewide call for tenders, KENDO has also proven itself at an international race circuit, amongst other locations. In other words, wherever the going gets tough.

Important details:

Wipe, and it's gone


A second coating, oven-hardened at 200 degrees, creates a sealed surface which is best compared with glass, preventing any dirt from taking hold. This protective coating means that cleaning time is shortened enormously when dealing with spray paint/graffiti or stickers. "Wipe, and it's gone" – remove any stains with just a cloth and perhaps a little water, leaving a completely clean surface.

Anti-vandalism protection


  • Robust, curved exterior
  • Reinforced door with welded hinges
  • Retention fittings prevent the door from opening too far
  • Double layer cover construction with welded aperture
  • Metal thickness 2.0–3.0 mm
  • Leakproof inner bin and drip tray



Kendo is the winner of a Europewide call for tenders by Deutsche Bahn AG, the German railway operator. "At last the trouble at the station has stopped!" "I was surprised that even permanent marker is easy to wipe away!"



  • Theft-proof stainless steel clamps
  • Wall fixing profile
  • Ashtray for floor-standing model
  • Side-mounted ashtray for wall-mounted models
  • Floor mounting post
  • Wall fixing post
  • Floor fixing foot


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