AUWEKO litter and recycling bins are unique in any environment.

What AUWEKO designs, produces and sells are products which have been developed from individual models into whole series. Throughout this process we have never aligned ourselves with trends but have followed logical lines of thinking. Perhaps the separation of waste, paper, packaging and glass. Or the thought that perhaps waste bins should also be designed to be smoker-friendly. How should we create our waste containers for use in an indoor environment, what should they be like for the outdoors?


All this has led to the creation of product lines which, as well as providing good design, durability, cost effectiveness and ease-of-use, also offer additional benefits such as theft-proof design, a range of mounting options from floor-standing to wall-mounted and fire safety and anti-vandalism measures.


A complete product range for all locations with high footfall. A product range that is being constantly expanded and improved.


Our Products

Public, high-footfall areas with sophisticated architecture and design, e.g. airports, stations, exhibition centres, stadiums, hospitals or shopping centres, not only demand waste and recycling collection systems with...

» Product series Temptation «

You have already come across our ORIGINAL and have probably entrusted your empty snack packet to it. No wonder, because these AUWEKO litter and recycling bins have been in use by Deutsche Bahn AG...

» Product series Original «

This new generation of litter bins offers some heavy duty advantages: their particularly robust interiors and wall thickness of 2.0–3.0 mm mean that they are extremely well protected against vandalism...

» Product series Kendo «

Public spaces require high-quality, durable solutions which fit elegantly into the overall picture. AUWEKO's CAPITAL series of bins are an elegant solution for getting litter...

» Product series Capital «


Developed for offices, administration departments, universities, schools or shopping centres, for example, the litter and recycling bins in the ELEGANCE series are making a good impression. The well-known AUWEKO stainless steel quality...

» Product series Elegance «


Self-supporting, straight stainless steel outer walls with rounded edges are connected to a stable inner construction of galvanized steel plate, which means great stability. The funnel-shaped apertures guid...

» Product series Skyline «


Even the most comprehensive product range can leave customers wanting more. For example, because they need the litter bins to reflect the architectural features of a particular location. Or the character of the landscaping features...

» Individual-Products «


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