Clear lines with clear advantages.

Self-supporting, straight stainless steel outer walls with rounded edges are connected to a stable inner construction of galvanized steel plate, which means great stability. The funnel-shaped apertures guide recyclable materials into the galvanized inner containers, which simultaneously serve as holders of rubbish bags. Alternatively a handy rubbish bag holder is also available, which also includes a galvanized drip tray. The handling takes place via two lockable doors. The containers are not flammable – inner containers are sealed with silicone.


Coloured standard labelling on the apertures and on the body indicate up to four fractions for waste separation, whereby also double allocations – e.g. for paper – are possible.

To ensure that nothing goes wrong, adjustable feet ensure the safe installation and arrangement of the litter and recycling bins, which can take 100 liters of recyclable material per fraction.

New series of multiple section containers

SKYLINE Type S 100 - 400



Straight, self-supporting stainless steel external walls with rounded corners and attached to a stable galvanised internal construction to provide high stability. Funnel-shaped slots on the top of the container guide rubbish into the galvanised inner containers, which also act as bag holders. Container can be emptied via two doors, which are opened with the use of a key. Initially only available without roof.



Body: 1.5 mm stainless steel material 1.4301 / AISI 304

Surface: brushed

Inner container: hot-dip galvanised steel sheets

Struts: stainless steel, hot-dip galvanised steel sheets



Fire protection: the materials used for the body (stainless steel and galvanised steel sheets) are non-flammable. The inner container is sealed with silicon.


Protection: snap lock protects the container from unauthorised access.


Labelling: using coloured standard labels on the body and the slots, up to 4 different types of waste can be collected in one container. Multiple entries or double allocations are also possible (for example four containers but only three types of waste). The labels are affixed to the sloped surfaces and are therefore easily recognisable, even from a distance. Incorrect allocation of rubbish is thereby minimised.


Function: usability and quick disposal of waste without hindrance by flaps.

Simple and quick removal of inner containers. The rubbish bags can simply be removed upwards for changing. Both doors can be unlocked using a key.


Cleaning: thanks to the brushed stainless steel surface, the boxes can be easily cleaned and maintained. Commercial cleaners for stainless steel grades 1.4301.


Installation: the boxes are delivered on pallets. The adjustable feet ensure safe installation and alignment of the boxes.


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